Ed Tech

Technology and it’s impact on children: a force for good or evil?

When I see children hooked on Candy Crush and Minecraft, hardly engaging with their friends during social times, I feel worried for them. What is this doing to their social and emotional skills and...

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Pre K to K-12

Huge global demand for English-medium K-12 education

The insatiable appetite for English-medium, Western-style education for children continues to expand around the world. The new 2016 Global Report on the English-medium K-12 international schools market...

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Higher Ed

Leadership in Higher Education

What Do We Know About Leadership in Higher Education? We may know less than we think we do, not because we're short of research, but because we are looking at leadership through strong filters. Find out...

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Ed Investment

Booming education sector creates opportunities in alternative investments across the Middle East

The massive increase in demand for private schools is stimulating interest from real estate investors, developers and builders seeking ‘alternative investments’ as the supply of quality assets in more...

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Ed TechFeatured

Making personalized learning easier with technology

Neil Jarrett writes that personalising the learning of every student in the primary classroom is not easy. Until recently, he had frequently tried to juggle too many activities and rushed around...

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Ed InvestmentFeatured

Driving value in education investments

International expansion through external investment – Five key considerations to maximise value In previous issues of this newsletter we have considered how an education institution (be that a school,...

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