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Driving value in education investments

International expansion through external investment – Five key considerations to maximise value In previous issues of this newsletter we have considered how an education institution (be that a school,...

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5 Key Tips for College Student Wellness

5 Key Tips for College Student Wellness Students Have Pressing Needs Colleges and Universities Have a Unique Role to Play Student Success is a Shared Responsibility Wellness is Holistic Understanding...

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Reinventing the Classroom for 2016

We wouldn’t consider teaching the same material we did 20 years ago, yet somehow we think it’s acceptable to teach in the same way. Here are some ways of reinventing your classroom.

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Developing Leadership Excellence in Higher Education

Higher education has been a late-comer to the world of leadership development. Take a look as Wanda Hayes discuses higher education and the focus on developing students and embracing leadership...

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Glass half full or half empty?

Sarah Whyte explores the benefits of optimism and its importance to students, particularly those raised in a culture outside their parents’ culture and often experiencing frequent mobility and an...

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So Many Programs, So Little Time: Tackling the Process of Finding the Right School

This blog details how staying organized, thinking critically about what was important, and reaching out to faculty and students helped make the process rewarding and productive for anyone looking to find...

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